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Faster Finance provides you access to the entire business finance market enabling you to review options you may not have otherwise considered; it all starts with an initial conversation with your own dedicated business finance consultant.

Unsecured Loans

Business finance not secured against property or assets.

Secured Loans

Typically longer term loans secured against personal or commercial property.

Invoice Finance

Get payment advances on your business’s outstanding invoices.

Merchant Cash Advance

Do you take card payments? Borrow a multiple of your monthly card takings as a lump sum.


Finance secured against property with options on how to service the facility.

Asset Finance

Finance secured against the value of your business’s assets.

Stock Finance

Finance to purchase stock for your business.

Revolving Credit

Flexible credit to assist with slower months or unexpected circumstances.

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For some more help, see our FAQs below.

How long does it take to get a business loan?

All business loans are subject to credit and affordability checks, but if your application is successful, you could get your funds within 24 to 36 hours. The timing can vary depending on the type of loan you’ve applied for. Secured loans, for instance, often take longer to process.


To make sure the application process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible, it helps if you can get any supporting documents across as quickly as possible.

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow will depend on your credit score and the affordability of your business loan. Our lenders will compare a range of business loans and talk you through your options to help you find a loan that fits your needs and budget.

What rates do you offer?

The rate you’re offered will vary according to your business credit rating, how much you want to borrow and for how long, as well as the lender and type of loan you choose.

Can I repay my business loan early?

This will depend upon the type of business loan you have taken out and the lender providing it. Although some lenders are flexible, others might insist you stick to the fixed monthly repayment schedule.


If you do repay early, you’ll be given a settlement figure which will usually be for more than the amount you owe, as the lender will want to recoup some of the interest repayments it will miss out on as you’re not taking the loan over the full term.


If this is a concern, please tell your lending manager and they will be able to help.

Do I have to take out a business loan if my application is accepted?

If your application is accepted, you’re not under any obligation to take out a business loan until you’ve signed the credit agreement with your lender. But bear in mind that when you complete a full application with a lender, a record of your application will appear on your business credit file. If you make too many applications in a short space of time, this can have a negative impact on your credit score.

Can I take out more than one business loan?

This will depend upon the circumstances of your business, the type of loan you’re after, and the amount you want to borrow. Different loans come with different lending conditions and are available for different needs, which means you may be able to take out more than one. If, for instance, you’ve taken out a secured loan for expansion, but you run into cashflow problems, you might be able to take out a working capital loan or invoice financing to help with these short-term needs.

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Simple, Hassle Free Business Finance

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